As they say, you can plan a picnic, but you can’t predict the weather. When creating a customized risk management plan for clients, we help them to examine their unique situations and answer the following questions:

What is the worst thing that could happen? And if it does, will you and those you care about most be alright?

Brokering through a broad range of insurance providers, we offer comprehensive insurance solutions for individuals and businesses alike with the purpose of protecting your assets and your ability to create income.


  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance


  • Group Health Benefits
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Buy/Sell Insurance


Life Insurance: Term and permanent solutions can be created for any budget or planning need. Life insurance can be used to protect against a large debt (ex. A mortgage), replace income for your loved ones, pay for education for your children, cover end of life costs (ex. Funeral), cover the tax burden on your estate or leave a legacy gift to your family or a charitable cause.

Disability Insurance: If you become injured and are unable to create an income by working, will your family be able to support themselves? How will your quality of life suffer due to a loss of income? If you have benefits through work, are they enough to cover your income needs? How long will those benefit last for?

Critical Illness Insurance: Critical Illness Insurance provides a lump sum of tax-free money to support individuals and their families affected by any one of over 20 serious illnesses such as cancer, stroke or a heart attack. That lump sum of money can be used at the discretion of the insured person, most commonly to pay for medical treatment and medication.


Group Health Benefits: Cost effective group benefits coverage is as important for employee retention as well being as it is for employer well being. We design, implement and service tailor made employee benefit plans that suit the needs and budgets of a wide range of businesses.

Key Person Insurance: As an employer, you may take out a Key Person Insurance Policy on the life or health of any employee whose knowledge or overall contribution is considered uniquely valuable to the company. The proceeds of such a policy serve to mitigate the financial losses that are tied to the loss of contributions of that key person. We help to assess the need for such coverage and make appropriate recommendations.

Buy/Sell Insurance: It is prudent for businesses to ensure that shareholders are protected from the financial risks associated with the loss of an owner. Insurance provides surviving shareholders with funds that are immediately available to buy out the shares of their deceased partner(s).